Baja California Travel offers a comprehensive set of services with our self-guided tours, which allow you to discover Baja California in an independent, safe and comfortable way.
Our  team will design your journey to Baja California according to your needs and your experiences as independent travellers.
We advise you on routes and the best stops, allowing you to move freely and fully enjoy your experience in this marvellous land.
Baja California Travel can organize any type of self-guided tour in Baja California, accommodating for arrivals in La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Tijuana.
In case of specific needs, we are able to provide the assistance of drivers and/or guides for any route.

Our services for your travel to Baja California


Together, we will choose an itinerary that meets your expectations, taking into account your interests and your travel experience


Thanks to the knowledge of our Baja travel experts, we will advise you on the most interesting and exciting activities offered in each region


Upon your arrival in Baja California, you will be greeted at the airport by a member of our team who will provide you with any assistance that you may need to ensure your journey starts off on the right foot.


We will choose the best Hotels and B&Bs based on your preferences and take care of reservations


As an integral part of our service, we will provide you with a custom-programmed tablet, from which you will be able to access all the route maps, locations and activities you have chosen when setting up your trip.


At your welcome meeting we will provide a cellphone with a local SIM card so you can contact us at any time for assistance and advice.


rent 4x4 car baja california

We will provide excellent cars complete with travel equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience


We will suggest the best restaurants and local cooking classes to savour the authentic essence of traditional Mexican food


We will provide you with a set of travel accessories to ensure an experience with maximum comfort and peace of mind.

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Why Choose Us For Your Baja California Experience?

Choosing Baja California Travel means being able to count on people inspired by passion and with a deep knowledge of the area.

Thanks to our experience, you will be able to make the most of the time you have available and enjoy your vacation in Baja California in a way that best suits you.
Our goal is to ensure maximum autonomy by providing you with the most appropriate tools to explore the best places to visit in Baja California as well as the wildest areas in the best possible way.

Thanks to our services, the appropriate equipment and the travel tablet, you can easily reach all the places planned in your itinerary and live an unforgettable trip in Baja California, combining adventure and safety. In addition, you can count on our customer service in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German; we will always be available to respond to any need you may have.


Don't waste time searching online. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the area and its peculiarities, you will not run the risk of missing any significant experience and you will be able to make the most of your time.


There is no doubt about the quality of hotels and activities: we know our partners in depth.


We will talk profoundly about the itinerary, the schedules and the needs that you indicate to us to guarantee you the best experience.


If you don't want to miss out on the best this country has to offer, avoid arriving in Baja California without planning your vacation. The most fascinating and original peculiarities of this place could remain hidden if you do not have the best advice.


  • Hotel reservation plan
  • SUV or 4×4 rental
  • Plan of excursions at sea
  • Indication of the best restaurants
  • Advice on the best places and bars
  • Travel guidelines and useful information
  • Mobile Phone
  • SIM with local number
  • Emergency numbers
  • Telephone support
  • Restaurant and dish tips for vegetarians and vegans
  • Special remote places
  • The best beach recommendations
  • Beach accessories
  • Portable cooler
  • Cold packs
  • List of local drugs

Baja California Travel team can organize any type of itinerary in Baja California, but we present some suggestions of tours in order to help you choose your time wisely in this wonderful territory.

Summer or Winter, 10 or 13 days

Self-guided winter trip to discover Baja California. Cross the desert, discover its virgin beaches, and drive through the imposing canyons to meet the whales of Baja California, one of the most exciting experiences to live in this wonderful peninsula.

Self-guided winter trip to discover Baja California. Cross the desert, discover virgin beaches and imposing canyons. You will get excited watching the whales of Baja California and you will be able to swim amid the multitude of multicolored fish in the Cabo Pulmo marine park.

Self-guided summer trip to discover Baja California. Drive through the desert and discover the beautiful bays and vast number of untouched beaches where you can snorkel and relax in the sun.

Self-guided summer trip to discover Baja California.
Drive through the desert and discover the beautiful bays and the vast number of virgin beaches where you can swim with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark.

Our guided tours can be included in your trip to Baja California

Baja California is full of remote and intact places that you can visit with the right equipment and an expert guide in the area.
Therefore, we offer you the choice of three short, guided tours that will be added to your self-guided travel plan so that you can experience the most wild and wonderful Baja California in complete safety.

Discover our mini guided tours between deserted beaches, uninhabited islands, colored canyons and desert oases.

Our guided tours

4 Days Island and Sierra

An exciting “Real Baja Experience” adventure with three nights in tented camps in the most remote part of Baja California.

3 Days "Coast to Coast"

An exciting “Real Baja Experience” adventure with two nights in tented camps in the most remote part of Baja California.

2 Days In Sierra Guadalupe

An exciting “Real Baja Experience” adventure with one night in tented camps in the most remote part of Baja California.

Travel Professionals

We design experiences in Baja California with the best travel professionals in the world, for any request, please send us a message to

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