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Baja California Travel is a project developed by Timeless Baja, a tour operator business specializing in adventure trips located in La Paz, Baja California Sur.  With this proposal, Timeless Baja allows you to customize your journey to Baja California in Self-Guided mode and in total freedom. Our Baja California Travel team will design your journey to Baja California according to your needs and your experience as Self Drive travelers. We advise you on routes and sightseeing, allowing you to freely move and fully enjoy your experience in this marvelous land.

Baja California Travel can design any type of Self-Guided itinerary anywhere in Baja California, anywhere from La Paz to San Jose del Cabo and up to Tijuana.

Our proposal includes all services and equipment for the perfect holiday in Baja California. We will be available to you for your entire journey, thanks to our support in Italian, English, and Spanish.

Why Choose us?


Choosing Baja California Travel means relying on our passionate staff who love this territory. Our knowledge of these areas will allow you to make the best out of your holiday and experience in Baja California in a way that best matches your needs. Whether you want to travel with your family and children, in a couple, with your best friends or alone; you can live this adventure in the wildest part of this land.


Adventures for Families


Baja California Travel will provide a custom itinerary, taking your expectations and requests into account.  We work to limit costs by choosing venues for families or couples wishing to experience a more comfortable time. Also, upon request, we can find luxury solutions, choosing among the most beautiful and charming boutique hotels, to make your stay in Baja California an unforgettable one.



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Baja California Travel Services

HOTELSWith the best standards
Hotels and B&Bs

We choose the best hotels and Bnb according to your requests and our experience

CARS E FOUR WHEELSAlways Choose a 4x4 for a better experience

We provide reliable cars with a complete traveling equipment for a better experience and enjoyment in Baja California

THE BEST RESTAURANTSAccomodation and Dining
Restaurants and special places to eat

To taste the essence of this territory at best

THE BEST OUTDOOR ACTIVITIESTo fully experience the beauty of this peninsula

Thanks to our experience we know and recommend the most reliable operators to fully take advantage of the beauty of this territory

THE BEST PLACESHistory, Culture, Nature, whatever you Desire

We deeply know this territory and we can therefore recommend the best places and beaches in this marvelous peninsula.

All Information for your Best JourneyInfo and Navigator
All Information for your Best Journey

Best service and technology for your Journey

SERVICES AND ACCESSORIESTo live and adventure completely at ease

Traveling accessories and services

EQUIPMENT Equipment and Accessories
To Have Fun on Your Adventure

For a completely relaxing, comfortable holiday

TOUR ITINERARY Highlights Of Your Journey

Espiritu Santo Island
Day 1

Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island

In this Unesco World Heritage site, protected for its biosphere, you will experience what it means to meet the extraordinary sea-life of the Sea of Cortez.  You will come face to face with sea lions, Mibula Mantas, turtles, dolphins and the extraordinary coots and pelicans around its marvelous white beaches.

Read More

  • Snorkeling with Sea Lions
  • Food Speciality: Mexican food on the beach
    Ceviche and other specialities
  • Snorkeling and Diving
    from 4 to 6 hour
Not To Be Missed:
snorkeling with the sea lions!
Day 2

Desert meets the sea

Baja California is one of the few places in the world where the magic of the desert meets the sparkling turquoise sea. You’ll enjoy lively white beaches, dirt roads along the deep blue of the Sea of Cortez, and endemic wild flora in the West on the endless Pacific Ocean.

Read More

  • Desert Landscape
  • Deserted beaches
  • Breath-taking Sunsets
  • Snorkeling
Not To Be Missed:
Starry Night
Place 2
Pristine Marine Islands and Parks
Day 3

Pristine Marine Islands and Parks

In Baja California you will be wrapped in natural beauty. In addition to the very famous Espiritu Santu Island you will enjoy island and marine parks with white beaches and a luxurious sea life.  This includes a pelican colony and habitats of other species of birds for you birdwatchers. These marine parks are the ideal setting for your water sports like snorkeling and diving.  The warm, clear waters let you admire the richness of the life under the sea (lobsters, shrimp, sea turtles, etc.) particularly along the coral reef.  Enjoy kayaking, sailing and recreational fishing of amberjack, sea bream, marlin, mahi mahi, sunfish and tuna.  Our favorite is whale watching with humpback and gray whales (around Carmen Island) and blue whales off the coast.

Read More

  • Wonderful beaches
  • Snorkeling and fishing
  • Lunch on the beach
  • Pristine marine life
Not To Be Missed:
Day 4

Pristine Beaches

Baja California features a 1,850 mile coast on the Sea of Cortez along the East side of our peninsula, most of which is uncontaminated and of extraordinary beauty.  To reach some of this coastline you need to cross the desert but the blue of the sea is always within reach.

Read More

  • Untouched beaches
  • We Cannot Emphasize this Enough: Bring Water!
  • Starry Nights
  • Snorkeling
Not To Be Missed:
Starry Night
Place 2
History of Baja California
Day 5

History of Baja California

The Spanish missions in Baja California were a large number of religious outposts established by Catholic religious orders, the Jesuits, the Franciscans and the Dominicans.  They were planted between 1683 and 1834 to spread the Christian doctrine among the Native Americans or Indians living on the Baja California peninsula. The missions gave Spain a valuable foothold in the frontier land, and introduced European livestock, fruit, vegetables, and industry into the region. The Indians were severely impacted by the introduction of European diseases such as smallpox and measles and by 1800 their numbers were a fraction of what they had been before the arrival of the Spanish.

Read More

  • History of Baja California
  • Water presence was fundamental for choosing the mission location.
  • Many villages developed around the missions
  • Missions can often be found in remote villages or in a city
Not To Be Missed:
Mission San Javier
Day 6

The Immense Pacific Ocean

The view and the strength of the Pacific Ocean with its colors will completely take your breath away. Desert beaches for miles will delight and astound you.

Read More

  • The Best Places Can Be Reached on an Off-Road Truck
  • Its Low Frequency Sound in the Night will lull You To Sleep
  • The Baja Pacific Ocean Beaches Are Famous for Surfing
  • Having Lunch on These Beaches Is an Experience You will Remember All Your Life
Not To Be Missed:
The Beautiful Sunsets
Place 2
Meet the wonderful Whales of Baja California
Day 7

Meet the wonderful Whales of Baja California

Thousands of people travel all across the globe every year to live the emotion of our unique whale show. Baja California is one of the finest places in the world to experience this unforgettable performance and come in direct contact with these unbelievable sea mammals. They can be spotted almost anywhere along the Pacific Coast but the most extraordinary experience, is being able to visit them up close, and even touch them. If you come looking for whales in Baja California’s sea from January to mid-April, you will not be disappointed!

Read More

  • Feel emotions with whales
  • From January to April
  • There are 4 lagoons in Baja California ideal for meeting Gray Whales
  • Eco Village and camping
Not To Be Missed:
The Emotion of Touching a Whale
Day 8

Baja California Desert

Baja California has a unique desert, with the most interesting types of cacti accompanying you throughout the entire territory. They tell very old stories, since many of them are more than a hundred years old.

Read More

  • Tha cardon cactus grows only 1 cm each year
  • Many cacti are endemic of Baja California
  • Vizcaino desert is a protected area
  • Many areas receive zero rainfall for many, many years
Not To Be Missed:
A photo with giant Cardon
Place 2
Mangrove Labyrinths
Day 9

Mangrove Labyrinths

Lagoons in Baja California provide the right habitat for mangroves. Mangroves are peculiar trees that are highly specialized in consuming brackish water from the lagoons along the coasts, or the salty water from the sea. The excess of salt is drained through glands on the leaves which sweat salty water. Many animals and see creatures live in such a habitat.

Read More

  • The mangroves are a habitat not a plant
  • Lots of birds make nests in the mangroves
  • The mangroves are present on both coasts of Baja
  • Several organizations in Baja have the mission to keep the mangroves clean so they can support the lagoons to thrive
Not To Be Missed:
The wonderful Grey heron
Day 10

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is one of the most interesting places in Baja California, or maybe even in Mexico!. Featured in the “Pueblos Magicos” family, this small town is a very interesting mix of local people, including fishermen, surfers, artists and new-age aficionados. It has been able to escape the massive tourist development of the area, and its’ beautiful downtown is lovely to wander.  Its’ sunsets overlooking the Pacific Ocean are outstanding.

Read More

  • Great Restaurants
  • Beautiful Villas on the Pacific Beaches
  • Ocean Beaches Beware When You Get in the Waters
  • Great Selection of Art Galleries
Not To Be Missed:
Wonderfull sunset on the ocean side
Place 2
Cabo Pulmo
Day 11

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is one of the few coral reefs in North America, which became a protected National Park more than 20 years ago.  Since then, its marine fauna has increased by 400%. You can snorkel or dive among the thousand colors of the Sea of Cortez.

Read More

  • Many Places to Snorkel and Dive
  • The Nearby Village Has restaurants and Bars
  • You can Watch Sea Turtles, Mantas and Even Sharks
  • Camping is forbidden
Not To Be Missed:
Meeting the Turtles
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OUR GUIDED TOURS Can be inserted in your Self Guided Trip

3 days "Coast to Coast"


2 Days on Sierra


One day in Pacific Side


About Us

A story of passion

Deborah Stephens has traveled extensively in Baja since she first visited in 1983, and has explored many of its most remote parts. She loves connecting with the wonderful people of this peninsula, and has remained deeply affected by contact with those giant sea mammals, the grey whales.

Adriano Ceccarelli discovered Baja in 2005, almost randomly, and fell deeply and immediately in love. He returned several times, deciding to move there permanently in 2014.

They share a common element that keeps them exploring this land: the charm, beauty and the purity of its far-reaching corners, the contrast between the harsh desert and the sea and the richness of the different species that inhabit them.

Meeting while exchanging opinions in a Baja online forum, they stayed in touch for the common desire of making known the essence of Baja and introducing a more deep and authentic experience to others.

Timeless Baja is the result of this desire and their passion.

Timeless Baja Team

With an intense passion for Nature and developing community, Deborah Stephens lived in the Northwest for most of her life, before settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In between, she lived in La Paz, Mexico, and Maun, Botswana.
She’s travelled all over southern Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, Europe, and Britain, and spent many years exploring remote parts of Baja with some off-the-beaten-path explorers. She studied Huna (H’oponopono) in Hawaii, is a Reiki Master, and is one of the only white people to be allowed to go through traditional initiation as a Zulu healer in southern Africa.

Adriano Ceccarelli was born in 1963 in Rome. He lived in the Eternal City for 51 years, working as security devices developer. On board his Toyota KDJ95, his profound passion for travelling drove him to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2014, after several trips to Baja California Sur, he finally decided to move there with his family. As an expert of GPS and off-road travels, he rode throughout Baja peninsula, discovering a countless amount of amazing lost paradises.

A vegetarian and a convinced animalist, Laura Luciani loves all the beauty of living creatures, animals and plants. Dragged almost to force in Baja California, she fell in love with her colors and her wonderful nature. He loves taking care of his cats, reading essays, gardening and restoring and painting old furniture to bring them back to life. But above all, he loves discovering new paradises hidden around every corner of this part of the planet. It follows the Italian market, and will succeed in designing the best possible trip for you in this wonderful territory.

Joanie Ellis, environmental sociologist and millennial, has quickly become passionate about Baja California Sur. After graduating with two degrees in Environmental Sociology and Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture, she decided to move her life to La Paz to immerse herself in her favorite culture.  With an extensive background in caring for individuals with disabilities, she tries to include them in her daily life here in the Baja by doing volunteer work to support this population. She has been living in La Paz since the end of 2016 and does not plan to leave anytime soon! Her passion for this culture, the people, the land and the language grows more and more every day.

Meagan is originally from Chicago and has been in Baja for over 15 years.  She loves the active beach lifestyle that La Paz offers. On any sunny day you can find her boating, SUPing, or snorkeling in our beautiful bays. Her passions also include yoga, Crossfit, music and travel. She is a wife, mother and advocate for healthy, clean lifestyles and natural remedies. She also makes homemade serums, potions and kombucha. She has spent many years volunteering in less fortunate communities in Los Cabos through various organizations and churches. Meagan has traveled Mexico extensively and has a great love for the culture, language and people.

Elena Tamburin is characterized by a strong passion for animals, nature and outdoor, particularly the sea and its occupants. She lived in Italy, in Turin and then in Ancona, moving across cities to follow her passions. Those passions brought her to visit almost all the Europe and then in Mexico to study her favorite animals: the sharks. At the moment, she is developing a research project during her PhD studying the baby sharks. During her research work and to collect her samples, she visited and explored a lot of remote areas of Baja California. More than a scientist and love to spend her time in a boat sailing the sea, she is a scuba-diver and she did horse-riding since she was a child. She loves to travel and explore new places, the habits and traditions of the different local people and cultures. She is following the Spanish market.

Gilberto Hernandez said Gil was born in Mexico City, but moved to La Paz in 2003. Here he meets his wife Ana and with her creates a new family, cheered by the arrival of the beautiful little Sara (affectionately called Ninja). Expert in software systems for smartphones, has embarked on this new adventure with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment. He deals with Logistics and travel services. His smile and his good mood are contagious and solving problems is his hobby.

Lupo, a beautiful white shepherd, his arrival in Baja California is mysterious, he was adopted by La Paz in 2016. He loves chasing every living being, especially on the beaches of Baja California. His mission is to make all guests in remote camps safely sleep. is a service of


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