Virgin Beaches of Baja California

Admiring the beauty of the Baja California beaches will be a fundamental part of your trip. About 3000 km of beaches await you, most of them deserted, which will offer you intense colors and give you a feeling of deep freedom.
It is enough to get away a bit from the inhabited centers and follow the dirt trails in the middle of nature to reach true and paradisiacal virgin beaches where there is no trace of human presence and where the spectacle of wild nature in all its splendor will cause complete delight.

You cannot get to these desert beaches, which are not even known to the natives and which are visited only by a few daring adventurers, without a little equipment and off-road experience. For this reason, Baja California Travel will help you get there without difficulty and enjoy its extraordinary beauty thanks to the travel tablet that will lead you precisely to any place you want even if there is no connection.

To affirm that Baja California continues to be one of the few places in the world where you can still discover wild nature, it is not just a way of speaking or a slogan to attract visitors; is the plain truth. Lying on the white sand, admiring the sea meeting the desert, you will feel part of all this beauty.

Baja California beaches

The huge beaches of Baja California can be divided into two categories:

  • Beaches of the Pacific
  • Beaches of the Sea of Cortez

Although it seems a mere geographical division, the western and eastern coasts are actually very different from each other and arouse very different emotions. On one hand, the strength of the Pacific embraces cooler coasts and is characterized by an abundant tropical nature. On the other hand, the crystalline and calm Sea of Cortez lends itself perfectly to snorkeling or diving and touches the desert coast where you can find everything from typical bushes, to centenary cacti or dunes of clear sand and will allow you to admire the rich and varied marine fauna.
Baja California Travel’s travel tablet will easily take you to the most captivating beaches on both coasts.

La Paz beaches

La Paz has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico:

  • Playa Balandra
  • Playa Tecolote
  • Playa Tesoro

These are perfect places to relax in the sun, snorkel and, where possible, enjoy a good margarita or try a plate of Ceviche, a local fish speciality.
Despite being beaches visited by the local population and despite the fact that there are small restaurants, these beaches keep their beauty intact.

Cabo San Lucas beaches

These beaches have particular characteristics because here, at the tip of the peninsula, the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and stronger currents are generated than in other places. Even with this, it is possible to find safe beaches that are suitable for families, equipped to do any type of sport and full of catering establishments.

Despite being a bit far from the unspoiled nature of certain coasts that we recommend you visit, the beaches of Cabo San Lucas and San José combine natural beauty and all kinds of comforts and will fully satisfy lovers of luxury, athletes, as well as those looking for a beach holiday with social gatherings including a lively, mundane nightlife.

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