Baja California Guided tours

In addition to the historic cities, remote places, marine parks, and the extraordinary contact with whales, Baja California Travel offers travelers the opportunity to enrich the Self-Guided Tour experience with small, guided tours.

You can spend two to four days in the desert in areas without service and where there is no type of accommodation.

Thanks to our experienced staff, we will provide you with adequate equipment consisting of tents, beds, pillows, mattresses, field kitchens and a water tank. You can travel through trails in the mountains, to desert islands, abandoned missions, forests full of cactus, waterfalls and rivers and, above all, vast and deserted beaches, bathed by crystal-clear turquoise water full of life.

We will prepare everything for you to spend a night in a place where silence reigns and only the breaking of the waves can be heard, under a sky full of stars, where around the fire you can share stories of life and experience.

It will be a stay in which the environment will be fully respected, which is pure but fragile and in which the only footprint we will leave will be the one we carry in our hearts.

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