Baja California Mangroves

Throughout the world, coastal wetlands represent an important part of the territory’s habitat: they supply nutrients to ocean organisms and create natural nurseries for young fish and marine invertebrates.

On the Gulf Coast and on the southern Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, many of these wetlands are surrounded by shrubs and trees called mangroves.

You can visit this spectacular plant formation both by boat and by car, especially along the Pacific coast.
It is a fishing area where the streets are not paved, but, with due care, you can reach really exciting places where the only witnesses are marine and terrestrial life.

Mangroves of Baja California: an essential element for the territory:

Mangrove wetlands provide habitat and are the main nesting and migration sites for hundreds of bird species.
It is easy to see the majestic Gray Herons, or the Petrels that look for food in the mud left by the tides.

Mangroves also support vast coastal food webs and provide shoreline stability, erosion prevention, and protection against storms.
Mangroves act as an interconnection between land and sea, capturing sediments and alluvial material, thus stabilizing the elevation of the land, promoting and accumulating sedimentation in tidal zones.

Venturing into this labyrinth can be dangerous due to the presence of mud accumulated by the tides and rains, which makes access to the bay’s roads difficult. However, thanks to the supervision of the passable trails, the travel tablet and the maps and GPS points that we will provide you, Baja California Travel can offer you all the necessary help to visit this spectacular ecosystem and to spot the rare and endemic species that inhabit it.

Mangroves in Baja California threatened by man

Mangroves have weathered severe storms and tidal changes for thousands of years and now face modern hazards such as the accumulation of waste.
All this makes the mangroves of Baja California one of the most threatened natural habitats in the world, which could cause their extinction.
Seeing the birds utilize this waste, mainly plastic, to build their nests is a disappointment for lovers of nature and this wonderful territory.

In Baja California, several organizations and volunteers are dedicated to cleaning this extraordinary habitat, involving primary and secondary schools to promote ecological awareness in a territory that must be protected and improved.

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