Baja California Pacific Ocean

Famous for the visitors it receives annually that are drawn by the beauty of the long stretches of wild and powerful beaches, the coast of Baja California overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a stop that you cannot skip on your trip to this part of the world.

Whales, sharks, birds and untouched nature:

The Pacific Coast in Baja California (the west), offers refuge to many species with a unique beauty in the world:

  • gray whales, for thousands of years they have come to their calm lagoons to give birth away from predators after a journey of 16,000 km, in the months of January to mid-April;
  • the fearsome white sharks, which migrate to the islands north of Baja California, generating a mixture of amazement and terror in visitors and natives;
  • the myriad birds, which remain here during migratory phases;
  • the rare endemic plants, which are typical of this area and are only visible along the coast.

The largest salt mine in the world:

Not everyone knows this, but the part of Baja California overlooking the Pacific Ocean is also home to the largest salt mine in the world.
Visiting it is an exciting spectacle, an extraordinary attraction thanks to the strong contrasts between the blue of the sky and the brilliant white of the accumulated salt in the dunes.
If you are planning a trip to Baja California, you cannot miss this experience!

Fishing villages and paradises for surfers

Along this coast, you will also find small groups of fishermen specialized in lobster fishing, typical of the area.
Another of the emblematic characteristics of this place are the extensions of yellow sand, where the desert meets the sea and where surfers from all over the world come to have fun doing acrobatics on the crests of the Pacific waves.
You will see transparent waves breaking in front of you that were born in the depths of the southern hemisphere and where their currents allow excellent crossings along the entire coast of Baja California.

Wonderful sunsets

The sea in this area is not as calm as in the Sea of Cortez, on the contrary, it is quite dangerous, but there are some places where you can carefully venture to be in the waves for a while and let its cool waters envelop you.
It is a wonderful feeling, especially in the scorching heat of the summer.
After spending a day on one of these immense and fantastic beaches, it is worth stopping to admire one of the most appreciated spectacles that the Baja California coast offers its visitors: bright and explosive sunsets in which the warm tones of red and orange merge with the sea.

It is definitely worth doing a little more on the road, especially on off-road routes, to admire all the wonders that the coast offers. Baja California Travel will give you all the directions and GPS points to get to the beaches and towns that overlook this brilliant place.

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