Baja California Self Guided tours

Although at Baja California Travel we have a tendency for places out of the ordinary, our itineraries do not ignore the most popular places, which give the possibility of reliving a distant and exotic past.

A visit to the old missions of the Jesuit fathers that arose in the middle of nowhere, to cities with Spanish colonial architecture founded in the 17th century, to the mines where you can still breathe the excitement of gold mining, or a stop at the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico must be accompanied by a more intimate and moving experience that will provide you with natural jewels, those unknown, remote or secret that you cannot miss.

Thanks to the complete travel material that includes maps, precise descriptions and GPS points of routes verified annually (since atmospheric phenomena such as storm surges, winds and torrential rains in September can change the appearance of a place in a short time) and thanks to the assistance of constant telephone support, Baja California Travel clients will be able to enter the most beautiful and untouched territories of the peninsula.

You can go to the desert and find tiny fishing villages along the pastel-colored canyons or visit the amazing oases with spring waters and palm groves, discover indigenous testimonies, stop in the villages where people still live following ancient forms and rhythms, and where the welcome, simplicity and good humor of its population is, if possible, even more wonderful.

Baja California itineraries, designed based on your needs, preferences and expectations, with the choice of a car with an experienced driver, will be perfectly adapted to you and will make your vacation a unique and unforgettable experience.

Baja California Travel team can organize any type of itinerary in Baja California, but we present some suggestions of tours in order to help you choose your time wisely in this wonderful territory.

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