Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is located in the southern part of the peninsula of Baja California Sur, Mexico. This extraordinary place is one of the few examples in the history of humanity in which the relationship between man and nature has produced a balance where both are strengthened and benefited.

The History of Cabo Pulmo

The origins of Cabo Pulmo date back to the 18th century, where its first inhabitants were mainly dedicated to the extraction of nacre. At that time, it was a small settlement with houses made mainly of wood from sunken ships of the past, due to the scarce presence of trees in the area. Due to the excessive extraction of this substance, this led the population to dedicate themselves exclusively to fishing activities, despite the fact that it had always had a great tradition of pearl fishermen.

As time went by, unfortunately, fishing resources also began to decline substantially, creating problems for the local economy and livelihoods. At the beginning of the 80s of the 20th century, university students and professors came to these places to teach their inhabitants the importance of the coral reef ecosystem present in their sea, the same sea that, until then, had been considered as a great garden. After more than a decade, on June 6, 1995, Cabo Pulmo was declared a National Marine Park.

From fishing village to world tourist destination

The people of Cabo Pulmo realized that they could engage in tourism as an economic resource without damaging the coral reef. Many inhabitants began to adapt, becoming Dive Masters; others, on the other hand, invested in accommodation and tourism, restaurants or started snorkel and fishing excursion businesses. In just a few years, an old fishing village became a highly valued tourist destination.

Today, in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, after 20 years of barrier protection, its biomass has increased by more than 460%.
This makes Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park the largest marine reserve in the world, within which a carefully regulated ecotourism has developed, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Visiting Cabo Pulmo, with its extraordinary multitude of marine species, is one of the things that you cannot miss. The Baja California Travel team will organize boat trips on this peninsula to do underwater activities and snorkeling and, if you want to enjoy a break in this little paradise, we can also plan your stay in a bungalow two steps away from the beach.

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