Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is the most known and luxurious seaside town in Baja California and is noted as a tourist attraction.
It is to the south, at the tip of the peninsula and next to San José del Cabo, where the international airport is located, together forming Los Cabos. San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are connected by a tourist road of around 32 kilometers that runs along the coast, where several luxurious resorts are located.
It has wide beaches in the middle of a desert and mountainous area. It is a town known above all for its tourist attractions and its nightlife, the center is full of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. There aren’t many historical places to visit except for the Estero de Las Palmas Mission, founded in 1730.

El Arco

Its beaches have all kinds of services and among the most famous we find El Arco, a large rock formation at the tip of the peninsula. This beach is known as finis terrae, because from this point there is no mainland until Antarctica. It is the place where the two waters meet, the Cortez Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
It can be reached by boat after a short journey that passes through several points of natural interest such as a colony of sea lions, a window on the ocean (an opening in a rock wall that rises in the turquoise water), Playa del Amor with pink sand and a calm sea and Playa del Divorcio, where the waves are very high and it is not wise to swim.
The boat will make stops in those places where the sea is calm and full of colorful fish of all sizes and you can snorkel to admire the precious marine life.

The beaches

Some places are not accessible to everyone, given the big currents and big waves, however there are some beaches that are more protected and suitable for families. In addition, you can do all kinds of sports activities such as the camel ride along the shore.

The Climate

The climate is very pleasant all year round. At the end of spring and throughout the summer the water is warm and bathing is wonderful, but in the winter months it is more likely to see animals such as whales, which attracts many tourists.

Whales and sharks

Los Cabos is a privileged area for the sighting of humpback whales, which from late December to March come to breed in these waters. Depending on the season, the bravest can also spot and swim with the hammerhead shark, silky, mako or blue sharks.
Baja California Travel will be able to organize boat trips and sightings of these wonderful animals in the wild.

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