La Paz

It is the capital of Baja California Sur and one of the most interesting towns on the peninsula.
Unlike other tourist cities, La Paz retains an authentic character and by visiting it, you can delve into its daily life.

How to get to La Paz

It can be reached directly from Mexico City in a short flight. The small airport that receives domestic flights is not far from the city and you can reach the center by taxi in a few minutes.

The Center

In the heart of the city is the great Cathedral founded by the Jesuits in the 18th century. It is located in one of the most important squares in the center.
The city still retains a colonial character and is full of red brick buildings. It looks out over the Malecón, or boardwalk, whose promenade is full of shops, bars and restaurants and from which you can see wonderful sunsets over the turquoise sea.

Spectacular Sunsets

La Paz is famous for its incandescent sunsets. Whoever visits it for the first time wonders if the spectacle that lights up the sky when the sun goes down is a matter of luck or a special welcome. But the sunsets are repeated every afternoon over the transparent water of the bay.

Local life and cusine

To get into the local life, it is enough to walk through the streets of the center, full of shops and inhabitants of the city, or through the Mercado Bravo where you can try the local specialties.
The cuisine of La Paz is very tasty, naturally based on fish, but meat and cheese are also used a lot. Vegetarians and vegans will need to inform themselves about veg alternatives to avoid any frustration when dining somewhere. However, it is becoming easier to find vegetarian and vegan options.

Most beautiful beaches in Mexico

La Paz has some of the most wonderful beaches in Mexico such as the much-photographed Playa Balandra.
Famous for its low, crystalline and turquoise water, it is recognized as a natural monument of the Gulf of California and is a protected area where you can see many species of wild birds, admire corals, and visit its mangrove ecosystem (if you want, you can Paddleboard from the beach).

There are other easily accessible beaches that you will love, including those that you can access by 4×4 through the deserted nature.

If you travel with Baja California Travel, they will be indicated in your travel material with the GPS points so that you can easily arrive.

Isla Espíritu Santo

From La Paz you can reach Isla Espíritu Santo, a protected marine park that is home to many species of fish and 40% of the species of marine mammals. With a little luck, in the winter months you can spot whales, killer whales and dolphins.

Swim with sea lions

Near the island, you can swim with the sea lions that lie in the sun on the rocks called La Lobera or La Guardería, where a colony of around 500 creatures live and where mothers give birth to their young (that’s why it’s called The Nursery). In this area, the water is low around the rocks and the little ones are safe from predators and can easily learn to swim.
The sea lions that seem very clumsy on the rocks are very fast in the water and sometimes, especially the little ones, swim curiously near the tourists.
They are very friendly animals that have been interacting with man for a long time, however, it is better not to get too close to the rocks where they are because the males are quite territorial, and they may not like very invasive visits.
The boat trip to Isla Espíritu Santo includes a lunch break on a deserted islet with a beautiful white sand beach and crystal-clear water. The food is based on local fresh fish but if there is someone who is vegetarian or vegan, you can advise when you book the excursion.
In winter the water is cool, especially from December to April, so you can ask for a wetsuit for snorkeling near Isla Espíritu Santo.

Swim with the whale shark

Another exciting experience that can be done in the capital of southern Baja California is swimming with the whale shark in the bay of La Paz.
This activity can be done only in some months of the year and is regulated since certain precautions must be taken with the biggest fish in the world. Your guide will explain what you will have to do in order to not disturb this beautiful, but shy, sea creature. It is a dream experience and hardly forgettable.

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