Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a sleepy town in Baja California Sur.
Between its beautiful beachfront villas and its art galleries, the atmosphere of Todos Santos is characterized by festivals that take place throughout the year and, unfortunately, also by the hurricanes that hit the area in September, disrupting the tranquility of its few inhabitants.

Todos Santos: from the Jesuits to the Dominicans, to the abandonment and development of agribusiness

The first settlers of the place, as happened in many other places in Baja California Sur, were the Jesuits. In 1733, they built the Mission of Santa Rosa de Todos los Santos.
After the expulsion of the Jesuits, the Franciscans and Dominicans arrived in these lands and after several ups and downs, the mission was finally abandoned.

After the abandonment of the religious mission (link interno), from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, the area saw an interesting and prosperous development of the agri-food sector flourish, thanks to the construction of several sugar factories.

Discovering the magical town

In 2006, Todos Santos achieved the rank of a “Pueblo Mágico”, a particular name given to the towns of Mexico that preserve rural and cultural characteristics, very attached to local tradition.

The surprising feature of Todos Santos is its mild climate.
It hardly ever rains – on average 151 mm of water falls per year, concentrated in summer and winter (August, September, December and January). The annual average temperature is 22.6°C, which falls to 19°C in December and January, and rises to 28°C in summer.
At certain times of the year, higher temperatures are possible, close to 33°C, but, compared to La Paz (45°C), Todos Santos remains the favorite destination of the foreigners, although unlikely to endure the hot Baja California summer.

The Hotel California That Inspired the Eagles Masterpiece

You can’t talk about Todos Santos without mentioning the legendary Hotel California, one of the most popular in rock history for the famous Eagles song.
It is not known for sure if the music group was inspired by the Hotel California, but it is difficult to erase a myth, and we can affirm that the song, and its extraordinary initial guitar arpeggio, made the hotel world famous.
Another legend of the many related to the Hotel California, is the story of the ghost of a beautiful girl who often appears to customers of the hotel bar.

Therefore, even if you do not stay at this hotel, we recommend that you stop by the bar for a drink and expect a possible visit from the ghost of Hotel California.

Todos Santos: the perfect destination between tranquility and art

The mild climate, its welcoming people and its cultural vocation make Todos Santos a favorite destination for important celebrities from the world of art and culture, especially American musicians and artists who have decided to move there to live in peace and tranquility.
The presence of so many “acquired” population explains why Todos Santos has so many art galleries and craft shops.
If you also add the wonderful sunsets that can be admired from its beaches, Todos Santos becomes a place that you should visit.

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