Espiritu Santu Island

You cannot admire all the beauty of La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, without taking a boat trip to the coastal islands of the marine park of Isla Espíritu Santo.
Protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, Isla Espíritu Santo and its archipelago were sold to the Mexican government in 2003.
Thanks to the commitment and cooperation of numerous non-profit organizations, it was possible to raise a considerable sum of $3 billion and $300,000 to reimburse former landowners and become the natural paradise that it is today.
Isla Espíritu Santo is 19 km long and 5 km wide and has wonderful bays, abundant marine life, land reptiles, birds and amphibians.
This 9,000-acre desert is one of the best-preserved ecosystems in all of Southern California and is home to five endemic species of mammals and reptiles, including the bassarisk (very similar to the raccoon), the black-tailed hare, and a type of ground squirrel, all native to this island.
Isla Espiritu Santo presents a biodiversity out of the ordinary; the creatures that can claim the land as their own are:

  • sea lions
  • manta rays
  • dolphins
  • sea turtles
  • grey sharks
  • whales (at certain times of the year they can be seen in the waters surrounding the island)

An ancient beauty

Archaeologists have found evidence of the passage of man on this island 40,000 years ago.
The colors it offers, both in the interior and in the bays, are the result of a sedimentation process that has given rise to a particular conformation of the soil over the centuries, where the black lava alternates with the pink tones of volcanic ash.
All this makes the interior of the island wonderful for trekking lovers, thanks to the beautiful paths that wind between small pink rock canyons and that offer impressive views of the bays with their fantastic shades of blue.

Activities to do on the Espiritu Santu Island 

Obtaining special permits and with the guidance of selected operators, it is possible to visit Isla Espíritu Santo and enjoy many exciting experiences:

  • Swimming with sea lions
  • Kayak routes
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Excursions through the desert paths of the island
  • Boat trips to enjoy the spectacle of dolphins and mantas jumping in the water
  • Camping on the Island

The Baja California Travel team can organize day trips, underwater activities and even, through a special permit, stays of one or more nights in a semi glamping experience, all organized down to the last detail.
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