Marine Parks of Baja California

Jacques-Yves Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez “the aquarium of the world”, and if you visit the many desert beaches and the seabed of Baja California, you will realize everything that this incredible territory has to offer.
Wherever the laws for the protection of the marine environment allow it, you can visit protected areas and enjoy the incredible natural spectacle that the Sea of Cortez offers its visitors.

Baja California Travel can organize boat trips to all the marine parks of the peninsula and snorkeling or diving activities that will make your vacation unique and unforgettable.

National Parks of Baja California

In order to recognize and value the ecological, environmental and landscape abundance of Baja California and its gulf, Mexico established five national parks along the eastern part of the peninsula in 1995:

  • Archipelago of Espíritu Santo, with turquoise waters, white beaches and productive mangroves.
  • Bay of Loreto National Marine Park, with a diversified underwater life and large and uninhabited islands.
  • Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, with its tropical coral reefs and legendary dives.
  • San Lorenzo Marine Archipelago National Park, with its rich avian and marine diversity.
  • The famous Revillagigedo Islands, located 400 km south of Cabo San Lucas, is the largest marine protected area in North America.

To these must be added Guadalupe Island, 200 km from Ensenada, a destination for divers from all over the world, where it is possible to observe white skarks, giant rays and incredible and intact marine life.

Naturalistic tourism the benefits of protecting these areas

Mexico joins the list of countries such as Palau, the United States or the United Kingdom that have protected large areas of the oceans to guarantee future generations a healthy and productive sea to survive.

Fishermen, often opposed to this process, have learned over time that a marine protected area has an immediate impact on the fish population and beyond it as well. The increase in the fish population in the reserve could extend to outdoor areas, adding to the wealth of natural tourism.

A similar process occurred in 1998 around the Galapagos.
These reserves have all the elements to become the great marine sanctuaries of the planet.

It is still a very long way to go, but there has been an enormous growth of the concept of protected marine areas on a large scale in the hope that it will become a race among the countries that own them.


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