Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park


Cabo Pulmo is located south of the Baja Peninsula in Southern California, Mexico.

This extraordinary place is one of the few examples in the history of humanity where the relationship between man and nature created a balance that seems to strengthen and benefit each other over time.

The History Of Cabo Pulmo

The origins of Cabo Pulmo date back to the eighteenth century, when its first inhabitants were mainly extracting mother of pearl.

Stories tell of a small settlement, with houses made of wood mostly taken from sunken ships, given the limited presence of trees in this area.

As it often happens, the excess of extraction of labor induced the local to shift exclusively to fishing activities, despite the centennial tradition of pearl fishermen.

Over time, unfortunately, even the fish resources began to substantially decrease, causing problems for the economy and local support.

In the early 80s of the twentieth century, students and university professors reached these places, telling the locals about the importance of the coral reef in their sea for the ecosystem, in that same sea that, up to then, was considered nothing more than a huge garden.

On 6 June 1995, after more than ten years, Cabo Pulmo was declared a Marine National Park.

Cabo Pulmo: From Fishermen’s Village to World Tourist Destination

The population of Cabo Pulmo realized they could commit themselves to tourism, for it to become an important economic resource, without damaging the coral reef.

Many locals started taking it seriously, became master divers while others invested in accommodation and tourism structure, restaurants, snorkeling excursions, fishing.

In just a few years an old fishing village had become a popular tourist destination.

Today, after 20 years of barrier protection, biomass has increased by over 460% in the Marine National Park of Cabo Pulmo.

This makes Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park the strongest marine reserve in the world, where a very selected and carefully regulated ecological tourism has developed, attracting a strictly regulated flow of visitors from all over the world.

Visiting Cabo Pulmo, with its extraordinary multitude of marine species, is absolutely a must in Baja California.