I love Baja Sur Project

I love Baja Sur is a project by Timeless Baja and Baja California Travel that aims to protect and enhance this beautiful peninsula through the active involvement of those who come to visit it.

For us, the journey is first and foremost an opportunity to meet, exchange and participate, as the contact with the local reality is an unforgettable experience that can be enriched while offering the possibility of giving back, in optics of respect and solidarity.

As you choose our travel proposals, the well-being of this enchanted and timeless place, of its people and the animals that inhabit it, and the nature that animates it count on you.

In fact, traveling with us, you have the opportunity to support the commitment of local non-profit organizations that actively operate in different fields (assistance to people, environmental protection, animal defense, etc.).

We have selected some of these local non-profits for seriousness and efficiency and will donate them a small share of the proceeds of your trip (1%). In this way, we intend to concretely witness our commitment and the commitment of travelers in defending and improving this wild and timeless place.

If you desire, you can directly choose the organization you prefer based on your interests and your sensitivity. The project will start in August 2021

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